What is Chroniclesofherdiaries ?

I’m just telling a story y’all, and you are too.

Almost everyone who stumbles across my website wonders what this blog is about and how would it benefit them to stay and read more. If I were you I would read more, why ?  because this site is a gathering of my experiences as I swing this journey along.

As I am telling you stories and blogging my lifestyle I am also involving the people around me. What are the struggles you face everyday ? Do you feel like you have a calling ? How do you learn to relate to people? What are your aspirations and goals? How do you see yourself achieving these goals?

And lets not forget Fashion ? What does that fashion mean to you ? How do you portray yourself through fashion? What is your outfit of today ? What inspired you this morning to wear what you wore?

Literally everything with a hint of fashion and entreuprener experiences. So Incase you are still wondering, What is Chronicles of Her Diaries ? Its a Diary sharing stories with me and you.



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