Is it ever okay to be a Housewife?

house wife

Let’s take these two situations, one where your husband is stinking rich, you have an education as well and you have been working in the past, but now that you are his wife, he wants to take full care of you so you can retire into being his Lekki wife. You will be there to take care of the kids, pick them up from school and of course also cook for the house (even though you will most likely have a maid as well.)

Then the second situation where both the husband and wife are in the lower class and don’t have any or full education, but the husband has still decided to be the man and hustle for the family and wants his wife to take care of their many kids.

Is it alright in any of these situations to be a housewife? since in the former situation the man is well to do and he has enough to take care of his wife and family and he wants his wife to relax with minimal stress so she can have enough time for her ‘wifely’ duties, or in the latter case where they have so many kids and can’t even afford a maid.

In my own opinion, life is never black and white no matter how hard we try to see it that way , when we start to mix it up a bit and look more into the greys and nudes is when we start to have a more realistic view of life. When I was a bit younger if you come to me with this question i’ll shut it down before you can even say H-O-U. but now if you ask me that question i’ll say it depends, I’m sure when I grow a little older I would have I would have an even better and more educated answer.

But for now the way I see it is, I went to school for a reason, part of it being that I have a passion and a dream that I plan to fulfil. Now for you to tell me that I should just ‘ ‘dead that’ and just focus on the other plan you have for me makes me think two things. do you think your dreams/ mine are more important than mine? or are you just trying to be realistic with the situation at hand? I know that when children are in the mix it’s no longer about you and you really need to put them first. But at the end of the day that is why we live in the 21st century and there are all sorts of flexible working options. have we explored all of these first before you’re saying I should just drop it all.

My only real problem when it comes to this topic is the fact that once a man knows that he has a house wife and he’s paying all the bills and doing everything financially he uses this as some form of power and way to feed his ego. It’s becomes a way of putting you in line and a form of leverage but one thing I know is that if the shoe was on the other foot the woman will definetly do the same but my point here is should life really be like this? why can’t people just be more genuine, but anyway I guess that’ll just be in my wildest dreams.

so back to the my answer to the the question. personally i don’t think I can be alone in the house for that long without self destructing because I like to think a lot so when I’m done thinking about myself i’m thinking about him. wha’s he doing out so late? is he chasing other babes? or what kind of work is this one that he’s doing sef? but for the line of work I would like to go into, which is being a content producer it can be done anywhere. sometimes you’re at home, sometimes on the road or events or maybe you even have to travel. as far as i’m with someone who gets that and is willing to compromise for me, I feel like would be more than willing to make that compromise as well if the need arises but it can’t be a permanent situation.

Another reason why I feel as thought the thing called education and being self sufficient is a very good thing for females is because God forbid tho but you never know what may happen to anyone in this life and even though he might have even willed somethings to you. you never know how family can get when when the person is not around, more so would it even be enough to last you for the rest of your lifetime.

We need to think about the long term when going into relationships and making decisions and also plan. Even though God makes his own plans for us and sometimes all we can do is just live and go with what ever life throws a us..

Thank you for reading again y’all are just the best. but Ill like to leave this discussion open and really hear your thoughts on this topic.

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