Chronicles of a graduate.

As you may all know, Its graduation season and it looks like a lot of young college students graduated this year. Theres something about this year that makes me feel like something great is about to happen. So many strong dope people graduating and its amazing. In America there is so many things to be worried about, as much as we may want to suppress it, it will still come back to slap us in the face. This is the time to continue to speak change and equality in this society that we are in. I would say our parent’s generation is the generation that lacks voice, this generation doesn’t have to lean towards being afraid or plain ignorance.

I believe that my time, will be the time to change!  I was blessed to have also graduated this past week. My experience was epic, something I really haven’t experienced before. For some people It may have just been, happy to get it over with it, kind of thing, but I experienced  that little chill you get when you come to realization that you are a graduate, then you start to remember that things will be different. It is what you make it, that becomes scary to imagine. So to me, graduating is a good and a bad thing.

Growing up with an african culture, It a done deal for anyone to have a graduate degree.If you did not have a graduate degree you were tag as “useless”. Its so bad to the point that your major determines your achievement. It always had to be a “Professional” course to count. Honestly, It doesn’t matter your knowledge becomes the most important thing about attending college, learning to be an adult. Its so easy to be trapped in the realm of living the free college life, not having to work or pay bills. At this point if you want a bright future you will feel the pressure of finding what it is that you will do for the rest of your life and being totally mature about it.

I know I am facing that right now, but its ok because I know I will push myself enough to make a mark. Giving up is something that is not in the equation. One thing that I will use, and I feel like those of you reading this post may also use to stay on track, Is to put your energy on positive, because positive will bring positive and negative will bring negative.

Congratulations to my fellow 2017 graduates!