Watch Chick Chat live: Season 1 Finale

Chick Chat live, Talk Show anchored by Cornelia O’Dwyer came to a sizzling end last week, at least for season 1. This episode features Director of Public Relations Ibro foundation, Hospitality consultant Initeme Adukeh and Make up artist and beauty entrepreneur ‘Dodos’ Uviehghara as they discuss issues that a lot lot of girls in Nigeria can relate to in different stages of of their life in one aspect or the other when living in Nigeria. this is especially for the single sisters.
This was the hot topic of living single in Nigeria. the prejudices that women face especially when they are not married. In fact i just experience one of the issues they were talking about today, which is the one of women and driving. My Uber driver today said something in the lines of, ‘why is this woman driving like this, she should just try to drive like a man’, and it just made me wonder, how do men really view Women in Nigeria and in general? by not only men this also applies to other women as well, women generally don’t support each other, which is really unfortunate but true.

This episode is an old one published about a week ago but if you haven’t watched this you definitely should as you get to see what women really think about these topics. Hope you enjoy.

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