Sugar Daddy Season 2 Episode 4- Revenge

The long awaited revenge/ blackmail plan was finally here, Chidera finally had a plan that was going to make the Doctor pay up.


See Chidera has many clients, and one of them was the doctor, what you guys didn’t know is, she was the one that recommended his hospital to Tayo, so that she could meet this man and .. well get to business.


Chidera: What I’m going to do is, I’m going to call him and tell him that I heard about you two, and basically bad mouth you, Tayo, I’ll tell him how you’re careless and sloppy enough to even get pregnant in the first place you know, basically just wind him up and work my way back into his bed.


Then basically what I need us to do is we are going to position hidden cameras in whatever hotel we go to you know the normal African magic stuff, get everything on camera and threaten to tell is wife what he has been doing in Nigeria if he doesn’t pay up


This was how Chidera used to get us into all sorts of problems, she comes up with all of these weird, less than thought of plans and just expects us all to go along with it. She never listens until her plan blows up in her face and all of ours in the process.


Tolani: Guys I know we are all angry but my advise will be to take it easy and really think about our next plan, if there’s one this we’ve learnt from all of this, it’s that men are dangerous and we really need to be careful when handling them. But Tayo you’re my friend and if that’s truly what makes you happy I’m all in. But only if that’s what you want and not what Chidera wants


Tayo: My sister, I want him to pay, forget all of this I want him to pay. I don’t care what it is, I just want him to pay


Chidera: Okay then let’s do it





Chidera booked for a very lowkey hotel outside town, with the Doctor’s money of course. He must have really thought he was in for a treat but what he didn’t know was that; a different kind of treat awaited him.


The lingerie was on point and she was ready for him.


Doctor T : oh baby, you’re looking so sweet, so hot, so beautiful. it’s like I forgot what I was missing all these years. come on come and show daddy some love.

Chidera: And you know i’ll always be here to remind you

as she places his hand firmly on her thighs, the tension was heating up and their bodies kept getting closer and closer to each other as he was finally almost getting what he wanted, to be inside her and boom just like that, the 3 of us barged in with our videos and our threats very interested to see if the doctor will finally cave in to our demands.

Tayo: Look at you this shameless man! so this is what you do right, so you didn’t even love me at all. You got what you wanted and you want to just dump me and move on to the next thing you see right? well now it’s time to pay the piper, I have everything that you just did on tape and I will not hesitate to send it to your wife if you choose not to corporate. You will make sure that this baby is well taken care of if choose to have it and if I decide not to I expect a very tangible settlement.

Doctor T: Look you little girl, you want to hear it? Yes you meant nothing to me, what you and I had was an arrangement and you were compensated fully for it, it’s not my fault that you were careless and you cannot drag me into this. Abi she dan dan ni? (is it by force?) and as for my wife, you can go right ahead and send your evidence or whatever you call it to her, i’m sure she’ll be upset at first but she’ll eventually get over it, and you know why that is? because we are in an open marriage, we practically lead separate lives and the only thing we really share at this point is a surname which is why she’s all the way in England with the family. so whatever you people’s plan is it is not going to work.

Chidera: So this is what you do, you seduce women into your bed  only to make their lives a living hell in the process and just think you can walk away like nothing happened. No way no way, you must be held accountable for what you’ve done.

Doctor T: oh and this is what you do, you lier men into your bed only so you can blackmail them and extort them in the end right? you girls should be ashamed of yourselves.

The doctor storms out of the room in clear and utter dissapointment

Tolani: Hmm, when I was saying my own ohh my mouth was smelling, now have you seen what you’ve caused Chidera?


Thank you for reading guys! x


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