Outfit of the Day.

Hi Lovelies,

So I’m doing today’s outfit of the day, and I will tell you a little about my pieces and how I put them together.




Oh My that Print pocket is everything. These are my favorite pair of jeans and I don’t think it could be found anywhere else but on my body. I LOVE IT, Its so me and goes with literally anything I put on. I literally put this on whenever I don’t have anything to wear, It always goes so perfectly. Lucky me to be the owner of these babies.



My friend told me she gets nasty gal vibes, I think I see that vibe…


I had showcased KOJDesigns at a FSA event. (The Fashion student association at UB)

and I needed to get up and go to class early in the morning,as well as dump all my clothing for the exhibit in my suitcase. Thats the student Designer life, but like I said I love it. These jeans are my get up and go jeans, and not because they are customized but because they are comfortable, they are levi’s but they don’t make these kind of jeans anymore. Luckily for me my mom doesn’t fit any of jeans and gave them to me, and way before I started designing I used to dabble,and created these amazing Jeans. I put the faux fur cheetah print on the right pocket and Swarovski diamonds on the left, I stitched the snake faux leather I found by cutting up one of my pouches. I always thought this part was stupid, trying to put feathers on the bottom part of the jeans, but to me they are perfect everything is perfect.





The saddest thing in the world would be, not being able to fit these jeans anymore. Best believe the value is up.

Belt and fishnet tights from forever21.com

and closet  on posh @kejijones

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