Keji’s 5 Things of the Week.

This week I will be sharing my 5 things of the week.



  1. louis Vuitton iphone case;    I’m loving this one because Its been on my top 5 for a couple of weeks now. It was a surprise gift from my mom. At first I actually did not like it. My mom sent me a picture asking what I thought about it, and I told her it was ugly and I didn’t like it. She was disappointed, but once it got here I fell in Love. There is something about it that screams unique. I guess I didn’t like it the first time because there is a lot is going on the case, but its a nice staple or accessory to compliment yourself.


2.  My second thing on my Top 5 this week is;


Last weeks style issue, my clothing line was featured. I made a blog post about this, You can view that post on this link. here It was another accomplishment that I was very proud of.

3. Graduation Hat. I cant get over the fact that Im going to be done with my bachelors in a few weeks, hence why this is on my top 5.

All my life I couldn’t wait till when I will have the opportunity to design my graduation hat, now its here, I just hope I don’t go overboard and mess it up.



4. The next thing is my favorite perfume. Si’ by Giorgio Armani. LOVE LOVE It!!

Every time I have it on, I always get compliments on my scent.

I would definitely be buying it over and over again. As far as far as I have a job so I can actually afford it.



5. The last thing on my list,  Lets talk skin care. Once upon a time I had terrible skin.

I found out that aloe vera works on the skin so very well. Although I hated using the actual plant because of how messy it was, the plan is very good for the skin.

I wanted to keep up with it consistently so I bought aloe very from GNC a vitamin shop.

This has been working perfectly for me, and I also use it with a vitamin C moisturizer. I love these products so much, They both have positive results ever since I started using them. SO I definitely recommend to ANYONE.

They are also super affordable.




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