Watch Chick Chat live episode 10- Stooping to conquer

Chick Chat live is slowly becoming one of my best relationship and general life issues talk shows anchored by the vibrant and lively Talk Show host Cornelia O’Dwyer. This episode features  Film Maker and Producer Gbemi Phillips, TV Host and Actor Eku Edewor and TV Host and Executive Producer Vimbai Mutinhiri as they discuss hot topics thats a lot of women and maybe even men to a degree might be able to relate to.

One of which was the topic of balancing your work life with your private life. how much information is too much? how might you be viewed if you decide to withhold some kinds of information? Is being expressive about yourself and personal life viewed in a bad or good way especially for those who are already in the public eye?

And of course the hot topic of the day is stooping to conquer a very important thing in a marriage especially in the Nigerian cultural climate? would you call your brother in law who is the same age as you uncle for the sake of peace?. This episode is an old one published about a week ago but if you haven’t watched this you definitely should as you get to see different views and perspectives to this very real subject and issue and also get some good entertainment at the same time.


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