5 things of the week

We used to have a series of our five best things back on our old blog, so something just sparked the idea this week and I decided to share my 5 absolutely favourite things of the of the moment.



Ballet pumps: These ballet pumps I recently got from my awesome dad, (cuz apparently i’ve been repeating the same ones to work for some time now lol) are super comfy, super classy and the best pair of shoes I think i’ve got in a while now, if I do say so myself.



Michael Kors bag: Ro be honest i’ve had this bag for a while and I always use it. but I found a whole new love affair for it by pairing it with these pumps I shared previously. I see this bag as one of those ones which might not work for everyone. but I absolutely adore patterns so this just works perfectly for me.


Eco Gel: My cousin recommended this to me apparently since its pretty much just like jelly, it doesn’t do as much damage to your hair as other types of gel. But the type of hair I have is very coarse and thick hair and to top it all I decided to join the natural sisters, so basically gel has to be really strong to work for me.

but I haven’t really used this for long now and I guess i’ll need to add some other products on my hair before I can fully judge. but let me know what you think about this one guys, just decided to throw this one in there because I thoughT it was a fun new product.



Oilatum: OMG had a long annoying story with this cream just this weekend but I think ill leave that for the post I plan to do on my favourite products for dry skin. But the stress all paid off because I found this cream, which, although smaller than the usual one I get, was much better for my skin because it is fragrance free.


Wide Tooth Tail comb: This also one fun and simple tool that I just got, I was always using my mum’s own until I just thought I might as well just get one of these because they are actually so convenient. it serves as a detangler alongside some water and leave-in conditioner, helps you to loosen your curls and style it the way you want, helps you to part your hair and can also comb different hair types and lengths, It’s just a very handy product!

And that’s it for the week guys, thanks for reading!

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