ASO BOD – SUNY Oswego…

I am honored to tell you guys that I was formerly invited to take part in the annual Battle of the Designers at Suny Oswego. This time I had enough time to prepare for the show, which I did, but the day of, it felt like I did no planning at all. I had EVERYTHING organized yet I still arrived at the show an hour before my scene was on set. As mentioned in one of my IG posts, there were many obstacles stopping me from getting to the show. I plan to make a youtube video on everything that happened.

To be honest I’m surprised I still ended up doing the show, the fact that I was late with only 6 models out of 13. Nothing at all was right, but somehow God wanted to reward me for all my troubles. He has proved to me numerous times that he is alive and willing. I listened up for 3rd position, 2nd position while making a snap chat of the 1st place (Winner), I heard KOJ DESIGNS. That’s me!! I won the cash prize for 1st place of the competition.

I bet I was the happiest person at the show.

The best money to have is the money you had no idea was coming. I’m very glad that I was able to express myself on the stage for everyone to see and enjoy.

Video Available on my blog soon.

Here are some pictures…


17880525_1327110783991682_7021216158606237968_o17917267_1327110470658380_1738773954551944214_o17966265_1327116340657793_2098893472995014324_o17966863_1327110243991736_1554170895294510885_o17966926_1327110333991727_1106825943850292752_o17972053_1327110847325009_1699036033606451705_o17972089_1327111077324986_1465164478109053424_o17972139_1327126740656753_7747910747493719671_o17972143_1327110630658364_8350065840646837818_o17972177_1327109807325113_2574427301523446265_o17972294_1327110593991701_5044494673188213858_o17973542_1327137713988989_882595588001824693_o (1)17973606_1327110290658398_2728851100706561004_o17973626_1327110903991670_5408296123419088866_o17973794_1327109817325112_7888058102736690675_o17990261_1327110940658333_7729730405166754829_o17990274_1327133987322695_5656178146030587233_o17990639_1327131347322959_5600403021549741201_o17990651_1327110503991710_8726255936374118576_o17991373_1327112907324803_9190765935971110918_o17991522_1327108023991958_6945021706848039747_o17991534_1327111140658313_5926658728164110608_o17991627_1327081880661239_3234130215538180911_o17991717_1327108623991898_5368838361988969324_o17991726_1327123447323749_5230403572426516156_o

Bye. Luh Yuh