What is it about African Print?

The fabric is just essential, and vibrant for those of us who love to make a statement. The Nigerian culture is very bold when it comes to fashion. Have you ever been to Africa? Generally, people clothe themselves with African print material, also known as Ankara. It is also used to celebrate big events such as weddings, naming ceremony, church. Any event worth celebrating.

Coming to America in 2011, made me realize how much other cultures love the printed fabric. Now all I see is every type of Ankara made into different modern styles in today’s trend. People tie Ankara on their waist as a skirt, some people use it to tie their head or use it to complete domestic chores at home, like use it as a rag, or a base, for carrying a bucket of water. It is so well used by Africans, to the point that one might even be upset and feel like the fabric is going to waste. Not to say we don’t value it because we do, but in the poor rural areas is where you would see people use Ankara daily, it gets to a point where it will get old and then need to be recycled, those are just some ways that we would use it to recycle.


ed27ce84e589687632fb217fbd799c80   Here is a picture of a young girl in Africa using the Ankara material to carry a bucket of water on her head.

What I have decided to do with my fashion brand and African print material, is to modernize it in a way that no one ever did before. It might be hard to make it completely unique, but I will achieve this.

I started off by making styles that are in trend here are some pictures of my favorite style in the African material.


you can shop this outfit on my website. kojdesigns.bigcartel.com





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