Nobody wants to be in their 30s and be alone, and it’s hard to not be alone when you have morals and standards. A lot of women today tend to accept the fact that men cheat, which Is sad.

It’s the idea of us women not being able to stand the thought of starting all over again or finding someone new. Honestly, it’s tough dealing with emotions and sticking to standards. Here are some of my thoughts about dating.

One thing to know when dating or meeting someone new is giving or having a good first impression, it matters a whole lot and will determine the foundation of the relationship that you are trying to build.It could be that he never called after a date that you thought was awesome. Or some guys would keep you around and make you a side chick, lie to you and you will fall for it.The worst is If you come off as not confident, this will be just like a magical key for men/women who are predators and will take advantage of you without mercy. So think about your approach and the way you connect with people and show confidence.

Have you ever tried using dating sites? There are numerous dating sites out there on the internet. There is, okCupid, Plenty of Fish, tinder etc. Honestly, those are the only ones I know. Or you can get into looking at specific sites like eHarmony, and other dating sites specific to the kind of person you are looking for, whether it be dating religious people or dating a black person and there are some for senior dating as well.I noticed that people are afraid to admit that they met someone on a dating site. I never understood why, but eventually, I realized that people consider dating sites to be dangerous and full of crazy people, I mean it is the internet, you are bound to run in crazies anywhere but with the sites, you are putting yourself out there in a way that anyone can approach you. The truth about dating sites is, It’s one in a million to actually find the one.

The thing is there is no one that will love and respect you if you don’t completely love yourself. The key is confidence it will make or break you.

Be real. Sometimes I come across people who have lied to someone they are dating, just to make the person like her/him more, the thing is, that didn’t end well. Nothing is hidden under the sun.

There much more Dating Topics on my youtube channel ——-> KejiJones

For now, Till next time.





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