Sequins of my Life



How ironic that I do not even like sequins, growing up I always hated sequins and seeing it on clothes. In case you don’t know what a sequin is exactly, it’s a small round shiny object shaped like a disk typically used to design fabric and garments. eventually, I got into making clothes and realized that there are many types of sequins, small or big, and can be used in many different creative ways.

Too much of anything can make you sick, whether it be that you eat the same food every single day or drink too much water all at once, eventually you will drown from all that water. My main point is that, when I’m making clothes, I try to keep it simple, but glamorous at the same time. It’s fairly hard to achieve this all the time especially when you start to work with fabric like sequins. I wouldn’t quite say I’m in love with sequins, but I am in love in what I can create out of it.

Here are a few designs I created using sequin fabric that has me thinking…


The gathering of the sequins in one place is so beautiful. The shine and glam to this dress make it so gorgeous against the skin. The detailed patterns also give the dress more Luxury.


Other ways I can play around with sequins to make it a new chic style collection. For a start, I love what I see and I want a challenge to do more and better.

Stay connected as I will be posting more like this.