Sugar Daddy season 2 episode 3- Revelations

Folu has really been through a lot in this industry. She  is the true definition of a hustler she sings, acts, dances, she does literally everything and to be honest in the Nigerian entertainment industry it can be really hard especially for a young Nigerian girl. There are so many struggles; you struggle to gain acceptance, struggle for people to take you seriously and another very important struggle is that of your dignity. She has had so many situations were she was qualified for a role and the audition was brilliant but because she refused to succumb to the pressure of sleeping with the producers or whoever’s help she needed, she was refused. I honestly do not know how she has managed to stay a virgin for this long. Her only escape and love of her life are her drugs and honestly after this experience it might only get worse.

We all sat in the downstairs parlour with some wine, while Folu revealed to us what she had been dealing with.


Folu: Honestly this is so hard for me to talk about because I still cant believe or understand what happened. But I’m just trying to make sense of everything. so I met this artist through a friend of mine some time back. His is Lanre AKA Rey, I don’t know if you guys might know him, then we bumped into each other more recently and got to talking and he said I should come over so we could smoke up and discuss making some music together.


Rey was an upcoming artist who had just started to make some headway in the music industry. He just dropped a few hot singles and his career was looking promising so this would have been a great opportunity for me however in this industry a lot of things go without saying such as the booze, late nights, drugs and the other dangerous pleasures of life, which Folu was not fully prepared for.

Fool: When I got to the apartment, it looked like the usual bachelor pad, full of boys playing FIFA smoking and doing all sorts


Simon: Why you no gree for that babe, Wetin be her name sef? Eheen Titi you go dey form. She came here the other night. Shouting were is lanre, what is he doing is he with another girl I just gave her 2 shots of JD, make she feel alright. My man It was a nicee night

Rey: haha you pig 

*Turning to folu*

Rey : so babe you look like a bad bad girl, have you popped that cherry?

Folu: what does this have to do with the music.

Rey: we’ll get to the music but I just want to get to know you more.

Folu: What makes you think I’ve “popped that cherry”? I’m actually still have virgin you know

Rey: You?? Hmm I find that really hard to believe. But if its true then that good I like it tight! Smoke up.

Do you wna freshen up I’ll come and meet you in the room so we can discuss more. You can watch movies on my laptop, I’ll be there in a minute 


folu: I went to the room and started to think about the conversation that just took place. could they be thinking of doing the same thing to be? I asked but then why would they be saying it in front of me. maybe they just feel comfortable around me. I decided to just watch some gray’s anatomy to cool my head until he came in to ask me if I would like any thing to drink. At this point I just wanted him all to myself because his guys hd been all over him since I got there and we hadn’t had the chance to talk yet but little did I know, he wanted much more. He gave me a glass of orange juice but im sure he spiked it when I turned my head because up till now my memory of what happened is still pretty foggy. I just remember him touching me and I kept saying stop but he just kept going harder and next thing I knew he was on top of me and he grabbed my arms.


I couldn’t believe I had waited this long to have sex only for it to be forcefully taken away from me. I was also on some kind of drug so I couldn’t even fight back, my whole body just felt weak, as he grabbed my arms and placed them on the bed and   forcefully had his way with be. I kept begging but he just kept shushing me and telling me how I don’t know what I’ve been missing.So I closed my eyes and wished it was just one crazy hallucination. Next thing I knew his crazy friend came in to have a piece of me too. I really don’t even want to think about it, it was just a very traumatic experience. I know I shouldn’t have gone to his house, I don’t know if I gave but this music industry can be very unorthodox sometimes.

Tolani: My dear don’t blame yourself those guys are monsters, they would do anything just to stick their things into a warm hole. I will be keeping you in  my prayers, you are a very strong girl and I know God will see you through this trying time.

Feyi: girl I feel you’re pain,do you know my dad used to do that same thing to me. I couldn’t even talk about it for years, it started from a very young age and with each touch, he just got braver and braver.


Tolani: that’s just terrible, but what about your mum tho


Feyi: My mum ke? she was never around to know what was going on. I don’t even think he’s actually my dad but that’s a story for another day. But it was just a crazy time, as I grew older he would get over protective, and he was and still is a very controlling mannot wanting me to talk to anyone, especially the guys so of course he could have me to himself. Now I’ve just built a very thick skin towards guys I don’t eve care about them at all I need in this life is to blow so I can just run far far away from that house and never look back.

Tayo: this is just frustrating but well I guess one thing is clear, we all want to get out of our current situations but I guess the question is how?

Chidera: Well that’s where I come in, Look men are just like lions, they want to be in control all the time, be the ‘kings of the jungle” and what not and that’s why they do crazy stuff sometimes. but what they don’t know is we have all the control let me show you girls how to get what you want without getting hurt.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the delay xx

Photo credit: Summer Smith

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