Sugar Daddy Season 2 Episode 2- Blackmail


The economy was in disarray and the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) had started poking their noses everywhere, and the banks where nowhere near left out of this wild goose chase, furthermore, my bank was most definitely not safe. Many banks in Nigeria have a bad reputation for going to any lengths to get not just customers, but rich ones at that regardless of how corrupt and dirty this money is. This business was privy to a lot of money laundering and tax evasion and as the new CSR and ethics manager this was going to be a nightmare for me because a lot of Politians and even judges where being caught out, and where does the EFCC go to track this pattern of embezzlement? The banks of course.

Tolani: Good morning sir, I am very sorry to disturb your busy schedule, Ive been looking at our books with the auditors and many of our operations are not in line with the antimony laundering regulations.

MD: meaning?

Tolani: we have failed to do a lot of due diligence on many of our customerhugely damage our reputation and apart from that we could also be held liable in court sir.

MD: wait, wait.. can you see how rough this economy is? And you’re coming to me talking about ethics and due diligence. Do you think that ethical firms make money in this country?

Tolani: but sir being ethical can actually save us money. In the long term…

MD: Let me stop you right there as you can see, I have about 5000 thing on my plate so if you don’t have any solutions or ways that I can make money, then please use the door. Oh and next time you have an issue report to Tade!

I was really hoping he wouldn’t mention Mr Tade because that’s a blast from the past I have no interest revisiting and he also led the gang of corrupt executives.

Tolani: yes sir

So basically, I’m screwed… anyway tonight should be fun, I’m having a sleepover with the girls and I’m sure we’ll have a lot to catch up on..


Tolani: Ahah you’re looking extra hot tonight oh did you just go and visit the boo

Chidera: which one be that now, I’m a single pringle ready to mingle, but anyway leave that side, we have so much to talk about tonight girl, where do I even start?

Tolani: from the beginning please you know I haven’t had time to play catch up, how are the girls and Tayo especially what is she going to do about the pregnancy?

Chidera: well as for Tayo, I might have given her some bad advice but I guess it just depends on how you look at it.

Tolani: what is it now? Spill!

Chidera: okay so I told her to tell Timi it was he’s. Who knows he may even marry her to avoid embarassment and everything.

Tolani: Excuse me?!! Are you mad, what if he requests for a DNA test, or when he finds out that the baby looks nothing like him.

Chidera: please abeg, I didn’t think that far, and anything is possible in this country.

Tolani: and what about Dr. A?

Chidera: Please leave that fool I have a plan for him that’s going to solve all our problems, I mean do you know what he said to Tayo when she told him she was pregnant?

Tolani: What?

Chidera: “That’s not a problem, even one of my nurses should be able to take care of that”. We need to teach him a lesson shebi he has money to waste; we will put that money to good use.

Tolani: Normally I’ll be preaching or insulting you but I’ve had my own fair share of egotistical and ruthless men for one day so I’m down for whatever as long as its not illegal.

Chidera: nothing like that, just simply using your leverage to get what you want

Tolani: In other words; Blackmail


Chidera: I’m thinking big mehn maybe a car or even a house

Tolani: Hold your horses baby girl, we? Plus what is a house going to do for Tayo in this her critical condition.

Chidera: at this rate she might even lose out on both ends, this one that Timi doesn’t even live in the country, so as the say “half bread is better than nothing” at least this way she can get some kind of compensation.

Tolani: WHATT? Chidera you have the worst ideas!

Chidera: hmm you don’t know how much power we girls have.. there are so many thirsty men in this country, intact i jst hooked up one girl the other day.  do you know how much she got just for a dinner?

Tolani:how much?

Chidera: 700 pounds! in these times! just for dinner. now imagining how she would have got for the night.

Tolani: that’s cool and all, but there’s always a price to pay, can’t you see whats happening to Tayo, I’m surprised you’re not more moved.

Chidera: moved? did Folu tell you what happened to her?

Tolani: No what happened?

Chidera: she got gang raped by some crazy goons but ill let her tell you what happened herself when she gets here she had to go to the hospital and everything. Guys are crazy, the world is crazy you just need to know how to get what you want from the people that can give it to you and protect yourself as much as possible

Tolani: Wow this world just gets more dangerous by the day, I hope she’s alright tho

Chidera: trust your girl you know she’s strong, but her I’m sure she’s just distraught and you know her now, she probably going to drown all her sorrows in alcohol and drugs.

Tolani: Did she at least report to the police?

Chidera: So they can do what exactly?

Tolani: Ahah, guys like that need to be locked up for the rest of their miserable lives

Chidera: look those guys think they control Lagos, and to be honest, they can make life very difficult for her if she talks. That is why I have told you guys to stop hanging around these small boys, but you wont listen. Men don’t have time for things like this.

Tolani: Please don’t start with that one now, neither the time nor the place.

Chidera: anyway speak of the devils

Feyi, Tayo and Folu walk in through the Main gate and we could see them through the window, looking glamorous as ever. These girls live for their shoes. I couldn’t get my eyes off Folu’s burgundy leather Valentino pumps, hmm what has she been doing in Abuja?? I really wonder


Tolani: girls, I know we have a lot to catch up on but Folu I must say I’m really sorry for everything that happened, i just heard, well part of it. you know we are all here for you.

Folu: Thank you darling, I’m just taking it day by day.

Feyi: Ahah Folu, what happened?

Folu: Hmm…. it’s a long story men, you’re going to want to get comfortable for this.

Thank you guys and see you on the next one..x

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