Sugar Daddy Season 2 Episode 1- The Doctor

I’m sure some of you guys might remember me from Chidera’s party, Tayo, the one who was stupid enough to get pregnant. What can I say, maybe I got carried away, Or maybe this I exactly what I wanted all along but all I know is this is a serious taboo in this country. What am I going to tell my parents? Oh I just got pregnant for a man twice my age, and by the way he’s also married with two kids.


This was not the most conventional of situations but it sure was convenient, Dr. Adekunle gave me everything I wanted, everything my boyfriend couldn’t give me and I gave him everything he’s wife couldn’t give him, while she stayed with their kids in England, just like my boyfriend, they are both so conveniently far away from us, so it worked, except when it didn’t.


My boyfriend, Timi decided to surprise me this weekend because he’s on his leave for work so he came over to Lagos to spend a few weeks with his family and I. What I forgot to tell him was that I’m pregnant with another man’s baby and I plan to keep it as a matter of fact.


*Ring* *ring*

Call is forwarded to voicemail


Tayo: Doctor, Doctor, you better pick up oh, you better pick up, when you were doing you didn’t know, now that yawa don gas (shit has hit the fan) you want to run, never too poss (it’s not possible), Idiot!


*Timi walks into the room*


Timi: Baby, what are you doing?


Tayo: Oh just on the phone with a client sweetie


*Hangs up phone, and pretends to still be on the line*


Tayo: sorry sir, Yes sir, will do just that, bye for now.


Timi: I’m sorry love didn’t mean to disturb


Tayo: Its not a problem, this man’s trouble is even too much


Timi: So, did you enjoy last night?


Tayo: What? Of course, that’s why I’m still so exhausted baby, I just feel like staying here in this bed with you all day long.


Timi: I’ve missed this, I’ve missed having you all off you to myself, and I wish things could just remain like this.


Hmm, I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, I’ve still not decided what I am going to do with this baby, I’m not sure if I’m going to tell Timi yet or even how to tell him, but I have to think fast because I would soon start showing signs of pregnancy. I’ve even already started throwing up and he’s soon going to catch up to it.


Tayo: Me too love, anyway I’m off to see Chidera and are you still going to see the boys today?


Timi: Yes darling


Tayo: Okay see you later in the evening then





Chidera: Tayo Tayo, lovely to see you oh its been ages, I’ve been worried about you, so tell me, how is the Doctor and the baby, and what about Timi? Hmm we have gist oh.


Tayo: Hmm where do I even start my dear? By the way the bastard Doctor or whatever you want to call him has not even been picking my calls ever since I told him I’m pregnant, is that how it’s done? And now Timi is here and I don’t know what to do.


Chidera: Ahah why now? Okay, I know this is weird but have you and Timi hit it raw since he got back?


Tayo: Well only once, why?


Chidera: Okay so Tayo, Here’s what you do..




Tayo: Baby, are you home? Baby?




I literally sat down for the next hour trying to act out what I was going to say. ‘baby we need to talk’ nahh too formal, he’ll be scared , ‘I have some good news for you’ hmm depending on how he sees it, ‘we’re pregnant’ to direct.


Hmm this Chidera babe will turn someone into actress, hope this sh*t works.


I hear footsteps so I rush to the sitting room and it’s Timi, my heart literally sinks.


Tayo: Hey darling, hope you’re hungry, I made something for us to eat.


Timi: Wow so you cooked today, is this my special day or what?


Tayo: yes love and I have big news for you too, so just sit down and relax while I set the table for us to eat.


The glass table was decorated with place mats, her most expensive china and candles that graced the centre of table. She sure did know how to seduce a guy with her cooking. She prepared his favourite; Pounded yam and egusi soup.


Tayo: Darling your food is ready


Timi: it smells lovely babe I cant wait to dig in…


Few moments later..


Timi: Darling you’ve barely touched your food what is it? Oh yes what’s the news you have for me.


Tayo: come, let’s go somewhere comfortable


Timi: just tell me


Tayo: I insist




Tayo: okay love, I don’t know how youre going to feel about this but….. we’re pregnant.


Timi: what? How? That is great news baby you know I’ve always wanted a child but this is sudden.


Tayo: well that’s what happens when people do you know what


Timi: yeah I know, but we always use protection


Tayo: except that one time


Timi: so I don’t understand, how far along are you? By the way, I still live in England remember and things are going well for me over there, I have a good job, balancing that out with my masters and we are still young remember we have our whole lives ahead of us, having a child right now? I’m sorry but I just don’t think it’s a good idea.


Tayo: hmm that’s easy for you say, So really what are you trying to say?


Thank you all for reading and I will see you next week.