Omg!! Guess How much I paid for my shirt !?


So I’m really excited about this blog post because I’m in love with these photos, I don’t know how it took me so long to write it.
Speaking of, I was doing all my preparations to go back to school; I attend the university at buffalo. I was pretty much occupied with so much going on in college.
I’m a part of the Fashion Student Association at my university, which I actually started with a very close friend of mine, Moriel Wimes. We founded the club in 2014. She actually bought me this shirt I’m wearing, which I will tell you more about later on.
I’m going to be blogging more about my experiences with FSA because it is a real journey; It pretty much occupies most of my time and of course lets not even talk about school. Even at that I will still continue to blog, iv been working on some projects with some creative photographers and I cant wait to start posting up new and interesting things for you guys.

Too be honest, it took me quite a while to actually wear this shirt, I tried it on various times I was never really feeling it, It feels like clothes look much better when they are captured and presented for others to see. I really just love putting clothes together, and photography ?  Its like an art on its own so colliding them together is like a form of magic to me.
Anyway, my friend and I have our little thrift store over here in Buffalo, We kinda like to keep it a secret so we don’t miss out on the good stuff lol. Not only does this store carry good stuff but also they always has really amazing discounts.
For example, buy one get one free, everything in the store 1 Dollar, Yes i said $1. Or Everything 50% off. Really good huh?
The thrift store had one of their deals during the week, My friend went shopping and saw the shirt and thought it will be a great fit for me.
She told me she paid only $1 for it. I was surprised because the shirt actually looked very expensive because of how it was made and the quality of the shirt. I think this shirt was made for me; I would really consider this my style, especially if my friend thought of me when she saw it, its pretty dope when you have friends that know how you dress so well.
The colors on this shirt are amazing put together,
then the fact that I shot it behind a blue wall really made the colors pop.

I love this particular picture you can tell that Mr Igwe really thought this shot through. Its safe to say we make good work together anyway. so technicallly i kinda expected it. Im thinking of starting a youtube chanel for my blog so that I can put some of my blog in a movie form. Well im working on that as well so stay coming back because I promise that I have nothing but some good stuff for you.



This outfit was inspired by my love for colors and simplicity, I think that I did a good job turning this outfit into a very simple but not so simple look, some of you might understand me, but this could have been a “Too Much” statement. Pairing it up with my Aldo gold plated slipper.
I love those slippers because they are genius it can pretty much go perfectly with almost anything.
The bag was complimenting my slippers; (it was a gift from my dad.)

I love these glasses because they always make my outfit, literally everytime. You know that feeling when you need one last touch to actually make your outfit to your satisfaction?
That’s how I feel about these sunglasses, I was watching one of Beautybjj’s video and she was doing a haul that’s when I realize how important eBay can be for my budget for fashion. So I went and ordered a pair from eBay I think it cost about $3-$5, great purchase so far.

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