Sugar Daddy Season Finale- Chidera’s 24th

So Chidera’s 24th birthday was fast approaching and you know how it is with the stress of planning these parties. Things like who to invite, whom not to invite, who is going to cause drama if invited and so on and Chidera is the kind of person that likes to go all out even on a normal day, so just imagine what she’ll do on her birthday. She wanted to make sure her birthday was the talk of the town. She wanted all the Lagos ‘big boys and girls’ to be there. Honestly she wasn’t taking it easy. She planned it down from the invites to the location everything was on point. Honestly I hadn’t received an invitation card to a birthday party since I was like, I don’t know 12! I mean who does that? But Chidera was turning 24 and she wanted everyone to know it.
She rented a villa in Ilashe beach for the party and I was so happy about this because I got to get away from all the craziness of Lagos. Ilashe is basically another Island in Lagos on its own but it’s so far and secluded that you have to take a boat there. But the place is so beautiful and amazing there is so much to do there; you can go quad biking, chill in you private pool or Jacuzzi and there are also many water sports you can engage in. so I was really excited about the party but I was also nervous, since Chidera decided to invite the whole of Lagos you just don’t know what to expect.
So on the day of the party first of all got a Yatch to the venue because it’s so far that you can pretty much only get there by water.

The yacht was lovely, I wonder which one of her Sugar Daddies got this one for her, I know I sound like a hater but all this just seems so weird to me. These girls went to university with me in England and for you to send your children to those kind of schools, you must be well off and in even when we were still in Nigeria we all went to the best of Schools. So for them to come to Nigeria and be doing these kind of things, I don’t get it. The only conclusion I can draw from this is you just never what people are really going through. I know I’m not a saint myself but come on; anyway I’m just going to keep an open mind today and see how things go.
When we got to Ilashe beach it was just like Paraadise for me right now. This was exactly what I needed to get my mind of Dayo and work and all the the stress.

The turn out was really good I must say, people really like Chidera and of course she was no where to be found because she had a lot of running around to do but all my girls where there, so we all just sat and talked and enjoyed the party and great view and I realised that nigeria is actually a beautiful country, we just dont appreciate what we have.

Tayo had just come back from Abu Dhabi and she was glowing but you could tell that something was wrong with her she just wasn’t herself that day but her normal behaviour is to just brush it off and act like everything is all good. But I wasn’t worried because I knew the truth would soon come out.
In walks Chidera and we all screamed Happy birthday Chidera!!!
She looked pretty glamorous, she wore a sparkly red bikini top and some ripped jean shorts with a long sheer kimono looking on deck, no pun intended lol, she had two of her friends with her and from the minute they stepped in I just knew these babes were trouble. Who wears heels to a boat/beach party and red bottoms for that matter, I’m not trying to be judgemental but I just had a feeling that they were also ‘runz babes’.
Chidera: Hey guys meet my friends Amaka and Hauwa, these are the girls who showed me how to roll, you’ll love them.
I Just knew it! These babes are ‘runz babes’
tayo: Well that’s just great because I need a lot of advice.
Amaka: What’s wrong?
Tayo: Where do I even start?
Here we go…told you the truth would soon come out, it never takes her too long.
Tayo: First of all I have a boyfriend in England who’s lovely but he can’t give me what I want all the way from England, meanwhile I met this other amazing guy who spoils me stupid, showers me with the nicest gifts, we even just came back from Abu Dhabi recently and it was just awesome, but the thing is he’s married. I feel bad but I don’t know, not really. I know I’m a horrible person but what do I do?, I feel like I’m living the best of both worlds right now.
Amaka: Haha my dear, you have it in you, this lifestyle is meant for girls like you. The best advice I can give you is to be discrete, you don’t need his wife finding out and you most definitely don’t need your boyfriend finding out either except you are planning on leaving him.
Tayo: No, never I love him
Chidera: Then you better shut your mouth.
Me: So she should just keep deceiving her boyfriend, that’s what you people want abi?
Chidera: Please abeg, don’t they do the same thing to us all the time? Do you even know what he’s doing over there right now? What makes you think he’s loyal? Look we are all playing the same game baby girl, so you better dont get played.
Me: Wow, its girls like you that mess good guys up
Chidera: Please let’s not even go there because…
Tayo: You guys wait, there’s more…… I’M PREGNANT
And it’s a wrap for this this season thank you guys so much for reading and watch out for season 2!!! Also feel free to add your inputs about this season and watch out for my other pojects, coming soon.

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