Sugar Daddy Episode7- Let go

So Dayo finally called me, it seemed like it had been forever. I was still a bit upset that he waited so long to check up on me but I was very happy to hear he’s voice. The truth is, after Femi I had never really let any one in until Dayo. I was so in love, everyone in my family knew him. For aunty Kofo to even be asking about Femi you should know that I fell hard and I thought he loved me too. So for him to care so little about my emotions and do what he did. It really hurt me and I could never really trust anyone with my heart again until now and I was really hoping Dayo wouldn’t disappoint me. So when I felt even just a bit let down, I was ready to just start hating boys for good but something in me just wanted to hear him out, so I did.
Dayo: It’s Dayo and who is a c*nt?
Me: Forget that, why are you just calling me?
Dayo: It hasn’t been that long now, I was busy.
He really just gave me the ‘I was busy line’, he couldn’t even think of anything better? Wow.
Me: I guess I just thought you felt something after the other night.
Dayo; I did! It was really good I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. In fact I was wondering if you could come over again this evening or maybe tomorrow?
Me: Goodbye Dayo
So I guess that is over and done with! I really don’t blame him, I mean what did I really expect but I am so angry right now and all I want to do is pick up my phone and call my friends to vent but they are all pissing me off right now. So I just hope I don’t end up crying myself to sleep tonight.
When I got to my room, guess what I saw on my dressing table???
My Car key!!!
MLXLSAudi car keys
This really brightened my mood; I was so happy that I just ran into my Dad’s room and gave him a big hug.
Me: Daddy thank you thank you thank you and don’t worry I would not let you down.
Dad: You better not oh, if not…anyway you know what I am capable of
Lool when he said that I couldn’t help but sing to myself, what are you capable of…
Throwback of life! Lol I’m so silly
Me: Yes dad I do, trust me it won’t happen again.
Dad: Good
So I went back to bed and slept like a baby knowing that tomorrow I was going to get into my car, turn my air conditioner on to the highest and drive. Funny enough Dayo was the last thing on my mind.
I woke up to a call from Chidera surprisingly the next morning. I don’t even know what she was doing up at that time because she doesn’t have any work to do.
Chidera: Babe, I’ve been up trying plan my birthday party but it just doesn’t feel right knowing that you may not be there. Please let’s talk today. I don’t mind, you can come anytime you’re free even during your lunch break.
Don’t get me wrong; the argument with Chidera has been weighing on my mind too. But I still feel like we need more time before trying to rebuild our friendship. However she sounds so sad, I feel I should just hear her out even though that’s all I’ve been doing lately; hearing people out and where has that got me?
Me: Chidera, I feel like I need more time to think
Chidera: Please Tolani, just like 10 minutes of your time and I will let go.
Me: Okay okay
Chidera: Thanks b, see you later
So I just decided to go and see Chidera during my lunch break, I have my car back now so it’s not even that deep. I just hope there is no traffic on my way there. Chidera lives in VI as well so it’s not even that long of a drive.
When I got to her house she actually looked like she had been crying, I wonder why though, she isn’t the one that’s hurt. Anyway….
Me: Hi darling, what’s wrong? You don’t look so good.
Chidera: Come sit down, I actually got us some shawarma because I assumed you’ll be hungry.
Me: Aww that’s sweet, yes oh I actually am hungry.
So she brought the shawarma and some drinks to the table and we started to talk.

Chidera: Look I know the way you guys look at me and I actually understand it but I don’t think you really understand the reason why I do the things I do. Look I’ve tried the whole dating guys my age thing, even guys a little older but they are all the same and you know what I mean. No matter how you want to put it they are all fuck boys.
Me: I feel you on that one!
Chidera: With MEN it’s just much different, they are more romantic, they listen more, they love more and they know how to treat a lady. Look this guy I’m currently seeing, one day we just saw a Poodle crossing by with its owner and I told him about how much I love Poodles but I wasn’t sure I would be able to take care of them the way they need to be taken care of.  Do you know what he did?
Me: What?
Chidera: He got me a Poodle of course, you know it was him that got me Daisy and not only that, he also hired someone to come every week to take her bath, take her on a walk when I can’t and just generally take care of her. Its little things like that I like. Guys our age, when you’re talking to them there’s only one thing on there mind and that’s what’s between your legs. Older men are just more caring you know it’s not just about the money.
Me: But there’s that aspect, don’t you feel like you’re selling your body for money?
Chidera: I mean it’s not really like that, I actually have a genuine relationship with them it’s not like I’m an escort and by the way I don’t really have much of a choice. Tolani you should be happy that you have parents who care about you. My parents don’t care what I do, you remember now, you know I was just lucky that I got to finish my University in England because that was around the time that my parents got divorced and my dad had already paid for that year. If not I would have had to come back because when my dad left, he literally left with his money and my mum? She just carried on like nothing happened with her good for nothing boyfriend. They basically abandoned us and I was left alone to care for my younger sister. You think I did not try applying for jobs? You cannot get anywhere in this Lagos without connections, I basically had no choice.
Me: Girl, you always have a choice. I can’t even believe I’m just hearing this story. Even if it wasn’t me you could have told your friends Chidera, you have a lot of friends. Look I can tell my dad to hook you up you don’t have to keep doing this.
Chidera: But you know I like good things; I cannot go from all of this to hustling for my daily bread it’s just not possible and even after that what am I supposed to do? Start dating these small boys? That would cheat on you, disrespect you and yet they still have nothing to offer! Look I have to enjoy my life; this is the calm before the storm that is called marriage.
Me: Oh so you still want to get married? At least that’s a good start.
Chidera: Ahah yes now, I can’t do this forever. Look, make sure you come to my party, don’t worry, ill show you how we live, but one thing, I invited Jamal and I’m sure he’ll want to bring Dayo with him, would you like that?
Me: Darling you know I wouldn’t miss your birthday for anything but please I do not want to see Dayo.
Chidera: Okay that’s fine ill tell Jamal not to bring him, but you know you’re going to have to see him some day.
Me: I know but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there but baby girl, I have to run.
This conversation really helped me understand Chidera more and the reason why she’s like this. I mean I’m not saying what she does is right in anyway, shape or form but I sort of get it. Anyway this doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all the things she did to me, but this was definitely a step in the right direction, I’m really glad we had this talk.
See you in my next post xx
Photo credit: Eat in Lagos

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