Sugar Daddy Episode 6- Unsettled

Within two days I felt like I had lost two friends in my life and this was getting me down. I was particularly upset about the Chidera situation because I’ve known her for years and although we’ve had our fair share of arguments, it has never come to this. Some unforgivable statements where made and I don’t see either of us putting this behind us anytime soon.
* Phone rings *
It’s Feyi, I’m sure Chidera must have told her all about our fight, I’m so not ready for a lecture right now.
Me: Hello
Feyi: Tolani how far now?
Me: I’m okay oh, just here thinking about my life
Feyi: I spoke to Chidera, she told me what happened, she said you called her a prostitute.
Me: Wait I’m confused, what is she before?? Is she not a prostitute?
Feyi: Come on you know she’s not, plus you just don’t say that regardless.
Me: I see, well I’m guessing she didn’t tell you what se said to me right?
Feyi: She said she was just giving you advise
Me: Advise that was very unwarranted and misguided. The deed had already been done, I just wanted to know what to do moving forward and she had to be so difficult, pleeaase.
Feyi: Look baby girl we all have our problems, I’m sure she was just taking out her frustration on you. Why don’t we all go out for drinks tomorrow after work? We all just need to sit down and talk and clear the air because I know she feels like all of us feel this way about her.
Me: Okay fine see you guys tomorrow.
So after another stressful day at work as always I was just hoping that this evening would go smoothly. We were going to this lovely place in Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island for drinks. It’s a really beautiful place with a view of the sea where you can just kick back, relax and catch up with friends.
the viewSMXLL

I was finally having some alone time with all my best friends we had so much girl talk pending but I was just hoping Chidera wasn’t going to ruin it all if not someone was likely to find their self under water this evening. I was planning to be calm and try to work things out but only if the feeling was mutual.
When I got there it was pretty awkward, you could literally cut the tension with knife. I was so happy when my girl Tayo decided to break the ice because I was not about to say anything and I know for sure that Chidera wasn’t either.
Tayo: So guys guess what? I found myself a new man; he is so handsome and very very rich if you know what I mean. He’s taking me to Abu Dhabi next week so if you guys want anything just let me know.
Folu: Uh did I miss something here? Aren’t you supposed to have a boyfriend?
Tayo has been dating a guy named Timi for about 7 months now but she has never been a sucker for commitment. By the way he stayed back in England for his masters.
Tayo: Ehen, but do you expect me to be waiting for him forever by the way he’ll never find out this guy is not in our circle at all.
Folu: It’s only been like two months but okay
Tayo: Ahah is it because you’re a virgin? You don’t know that some of us have needs?
Chidera: So Tayo, is ‘he’s not in our circle’ code for Sugar Daddy?
Tayo: Hmm, I don’t know if ill call him that, but he’s married. I know I know I’m a hoe.
Chidera: At least you own your shit, unlike others
Feyi: Come on now, why do you have to throw shade?
Me: Leave her, she’s a just a fool
Chidera: why are you insulting me?
Me: because you’re not a friend and I just realised it. This is probably why I had less drama when you left.
Chidera has masterminded a lot of heartbreak and agony in my life. You remember Femi right? Well Chidera was the one that introduced me to him when we were all still in England together we started dating not knowing that he had another girlfriend in Nigeria and he was just using me to satisfy himself while he was in England. When he went back to Nigeria I started seeing pictures of them all over my Instagram and soon after I started getting threats from his babe.  I didn’t even know this babe and she had the nerve to be sending me threats. I could be an assassin for all she knows but many girls, when it comes to another girl and their man they only see red so I couldn’t blame her. But Chidera knew about the girl all along and it never occurred to her to tell me. She basically just pimped me out and she didn’t even care, sometimes I think she just wants us all to be like her. I’m sure she must be so happy about the news Tayo just broke.
This conversation was clearly going nowhere so I just got up and left. But on my way home, my phone rings.
Me: Feyi please I don’t even want to hear it that girl is a such a c*nt
Dayo: It’s Dayo and who is a c*nt?
See you in my next post xx


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