Sugar Daddy episode 5- Talk to you never

After the day I just had I couldn’t have been more ready to leave the office, so I told Dayo to pick me up at 5 o’clock sharp! Luckily my boss was not around so he couldn’t get me tied up into more work, all I had to do was send him these damn pictures and I was out.
* Dayo pulls up *
Dayo: Tola baby sho wa alright? (are you alright), I’m sure you must have been counting the seconds until it was 5.
Me: Haha you know me too well
Dayo: Why do they hate you so much in that office?
Me: It’s because the ladies want to be me and the men want what they can’t have
Dayo:  Haha don’t worry after the night I have planned for us you wouldn’t even remember these people.
Hmmm this boy is obviously trying to get me into more trouble today and I literally don’t know much about him at this point. Is it just loneliness or is there actually something there? Well I guess I’m going to find out today.
So we got to his house and I was quite impressed, it was such a big compound with a lovely garden, its own pool, and it was filled with so many cars my eyes went straight for the Mercedes…
2015 c- class SedanSMXLL

I could already imagine him being the father of my kids and I wasn’t even yet turnt lool, this boy really had plans for me. Anyway, we went in to his room and he already had drinks and blunts all over the place, so of course we got straight to it and turned the music up. The mood was so right and oh my goodness we were so wasted! You know when you’re wasted you come up with the craziest ideas…
Dayo: We should take this party to the pool
Me:  Haha you’re so crazy, are you trying get to get me wet?
Dayo: Well yeah that’s the plan
Me: Well I’m sorry to disappoint you but I don’t have my swimsuit here and you know that
Dayo: You don’t need it we’ll just jump in with our clothes, and before you say anything else, you can wear my sister’s clothes, she lives in England now I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need them anymore.
Lool guys think they are so sly…
Me: Okay
So he took our stuff to the poolside. When I got there the hills by the Weeknd was on and that just totally set the mood for me.
He took my hand and we jumped right in… It felt so cool and pretty refreshing. This was just what I needed and the fact that I would probably have to hop on an okada back home didn’t even cross my mind, all I could think about was Dayo’s juicy lips and in that moment, I immediately felt so infatuated by this boy.
He pulled me close, looked at me with his adorable eyes and kissed me. It just felt so right and I felt a connection instantly. I don’t know if it was love or lust at this point…most likely lust, but I just had to explore it. So he carried me out of the pool and put me on the sunbed, took of my wet clothes…. And the rest was history!
But of course, the fun was short-lived because before I knew it my phone went off.
Me: Oh sh*t! It’s my mum, I’m in trouble, I totally lost track of the time, i’m supposed to be home now.
Dayo: Okay babe, just breathe, pick up and say you’re running late at work and you’ll be back soon, simple.
So I got some water and took a deep breathe then called my mum back
Me: Hello mummy good evening
Mum: Good evening, where are you?
Me: Sorry something came up last minute at work so I had to stay back to get it done but I’ll leave now, I should be back in the next one or two hours.
Mum: Ahah what kind of long day is this one, okay oh just leave quickly and be careful.
Me: Okay mum see you soon.
* Drops phone *
Me: How was that?
Dayo: Spot on! Are you sure you don’t do this often?
Me: Haha well I’ve had some practice. Anyway its true I really need to get going its getting late outside and I don’t want to get raped or something.
Dayo: I would have offered to drop you at home but I’m not trying to get killed by your dad, let me uber you a cab and let’s get you dressed okay?
Me: Okay
So the cab came and I was really sad to leave but I had to. The whole ride back home I couldn’t help but think about what had just happened this evening and what was to come moving forward… You know how taxi drivers always like to make unnecessary conversation? Well tonight I wasn’t even in the mood to engage any of it, all I could think about was what was going through Dayo’s mind right now and if he was going to call to see if I got home safe.
I got back home around 10 o’clock and luckily my dad wasn’t back yet but I just hoped that my mum wouldn’t notice my clothes, but she was still asleep when I left this morning so she didn’t see the clothes I left with.
Me: Good evening mum
Mum: Nawa oh see the time you’re coming back, which kind of work is this one?
Me: Hmm I don’t know ohh, you wont believe they made me go to Ajegunle today.
Mum: Wow that is dangerous, by yourself? Why do they hate you so much in that office?
Me: Hmm search me; yes oh and you people have taken my car now so imagine the torture all in one day. Anyway I’m so tired right now I just want to sleep, we’ll talk later.
Mum: Okay dear goodnight
Wow she actually didn’t notice my clothes, thank God. Now I just need to eat and sleep. But I’m still to hear from Dayo.
When I woke up the next morning I felt so sick and hung over so I just had to call in sick, I wasn’t going to go to work like this no matter what. You will think that by now Dayo would have text me or called right? But I got nothing.
So I decided to go and see Chidera today to check on her and also to discuss this Dayo issue. I had been hesitant to talk to her about him because the only thing she knows is money. I am not trying to be judgemental or anything but she would probably tell me to try and get him to buy me stuff or even take us all out to dinner or something and I really didn’t need any of that.
I got to her house and it was so nice to see her because we hadn’t talked much since the last time we all went out and that day I was clearly distracted.
Chidera: Hey baby girl, nice to see you oh
Me: I know right it’s been a minute; I’ve just had so much going on.
Chidera: I can imagine, and I know you have gist for me oh so you better just tell me now. What’s up with you and Dayo?
Me: Hmm my dear I don’t know oh, I thought everything was going good but yesterday we ummm…. Did “it” like literally and it was really good but I haven’t heard from him since then.
Chidera: You did what?!  Ahah already? How now?
Me: You see this is why I didn’t want to tell you. I don’t know it just happened. I just had a moment of weakness and I felt something that day so I went for it.
Chidera: Ah if I knew you were already catching feelings I would have told you. That boy is a f*ck boy.
Me: So what do you expect me to do with that now? How can you just be telling me this now?
Chidera: Ahah did I expect you to spread your legs for him so easily? You people are always like Chidera did this, Chidera did that, meanwhile you’re not any better at least I get paid for opening my legs, what have you gained?
Me: Woow so now you’re not even trying to hide the judgement anymore. So that’s really what you tell yourself right? At least I feel good going to bed at night knowing I’m not a dirty little prostitute like you. Bye girl I should have never even bothered myself coming here.
See you next Thursday xx

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