Today I began the adventure of my adult life,the reason I say grown up is on account of life is truly beginning to open my eyes to such a variety of various potential outcomes.  Im the ruler of questioning myself, meanwhile  Im really big on motivating people. If only I would take my own advice. My friend has this line named “Do what you love and not for society” and I Love it because its so motivating. Just do what you love then you actually get to see your capabilities and all the amazing things you didn’t know you could do and you just get better and better. So yesterday I showed my designs at my first fashion show and It was so successful based on all the feedback I got. Now I’m motivated to do bigger and better. being able to hear people that don’t even know me clap and applause my designs just showed me that I need to put in more work. While growing up there was a reason I always wanted it to be fashion. I mean at a point I thought I was going to be a stripper, lol but for the most part I’ve always been a fashionista. My creativity is literally all I hold on too at the end of the day. Another thing that inspired my line is my concern for women who are not confident, I never appear confident but best believe I know the quality and the craft of my work and  I know that I am blessed. I feel like every woman should know their worth, and believe in herself, Every Lady should feel like a queen, Every Queen must not underestimate herself.

Ok so my fashion show case didn’t come out exactly as planned but it was amazing regardless,You needed to have been there to see it, and I think the fashion show was recorded so I will definitely be posting up videos and pictures soon so you can get a sense of how it really was. I got my two men who I call Kings,because a king caters to his queen right ?

Its kinda shaky and blurry bare with me lol.

so they start the show showing their power and they start to set the scene for his woman with red roses on the ground while drums are beating. My models start to Rip the Runway. I incorporated royalty and african in my collection  using materials like Velvet, silky brocade,Gold, and African print. and of course an accent of attitude and empowerment in my models.  Pictures will be on my blog soon so stay updated. Bye my Loves ❤


These are some pictures that came out already. img_2164-1



This was the last look of my collection.