Sugar Daddy Episode 4- Consequences

As we pulled in I could already see my Dad’s car so I just told Dayo to drop me and speed off because that would have been double wahala (double trouble) as we like to call it in Lagos. But off course, my Dad had already told the security guard to be on the watch out for me. So he already saw that I was in the car with a boy, I would not even be surprised if he took down the poor boy’s plate number. Anyway he told my dad so there was no possibility of lying my way out of this.
Dad: So this is how you help your pregnant aunty right? And just where are you coming with that boy? Ki lo man she awon omode yi gan (what is wrong with these children?).
Once my dad starts to mix Yoruba with English, I know that shit just got real.
Me: Daddy I know I am very wrong right now, but I actually asked aunty Kofo and she said I could go out. I was only planning on going out today.
Dad: Are you even forgetting that I specifically told you not to leave the house?
Me: I am sorry daddy
Dad: You’re sorry? You should be sorry for yourself because by the time I am done with you; you will never disobey another adult again.
Oh God he going to do to me? Why did I not just stay in the house like he asked? But I got to meet Dayo and he’s so fine… I really don’t regret tonight.
Dad: Where is your car?
Me: I left it in my friend’s hotel because I didn’t want to be driving in the night.
Dad: So that is what you people do now ehn? What is your friend doing in a hotel? Doesn’t she live here?
 How do I tell my dad that my friend is in a hotel paid for by her Sugar Daddy and we all went there to have fun on his tab?
Me: She is there with her family, her mum just wanted to treat them for the weekend.
Dad: Anyway you better go and call her now because we are going to get that car once the driver should come and get me your keys too. You want to grow up by force right? So now you can sort out your logistics by yourself and I am going to tell your mum, no one must give you a driver or car in that house until further notice and we are going home now.
Wow, F*CK MY LIFE! I could just imagine myself having to take Taxi to work everyday, or even worse an Okada (motorcycle) or Keke na pep (tricycle). Imagine if people see me… Oh no my life is officially ruined.
After I got back home and my Dad had taken my car, I stayed in my room all weekend crying and thinking about my next move. I thought to myself, this is what drives people to do crazy stuff like become Prostitutes and ‘Runz babes’, or am I just being a spoilt brat right now? But the truth is since I have been a little child my parents have never allowed me or my siblings take public transport anywhere so to just change it for me so unexpectedly when I am already this old and accustomed to this life is just brutal.
So the next Monday I was still feeling myself a little bit and I Ubered a cab all the way from my house in Ikeja to VI. I didn’t feel the impact immediately because off course the money went straight out of my debit card.
Once I entered the office, my line manager Mr Adebayo called me. This man is very close to Mr Tade so I knew he had probably reported me.
Me: Good morning sir
Adebayo: Good morning… so I hear that you are now rude
Me: I know you heard that from Mr Tade and trust me that is not the case, ask anyone else here I am very respectful, you even know that.
Adebayo: Anyway, I am going to need you to Recce a site in Ajegunle today, we are thinking of building a hospital there for poor children. So go there, take pictures and get back to me.
I don’t mean to sound rude but Ajegunle is literally the ghetto, I’ve never even been there before and now I don’t even have a car.
Me: I am sorry sir but my dad has taken my car away, so please is there any way I can use the company car?
Adebayo: No, the drivers are going to be busy today, by the way you are going to Ajegunle, so you better just drop all this your Ajebutter behaviour and take Keke or Okada before area boys attack you, and that is an order!
For those of you who don’t know, an ‘Ajebutter’ is someone whose parents are reasonably well of and have protected them from the realities of life. While an area boy is literally the opposite. They are the ‘Ajepakos’ who live the hard life but even worse, to be more succinct, they are hoodlums. A lot of people in the office think I am an ‘ajebutter’, so I guess this was the perfect time to punish me.
So I guess I am hoping on a keke today.
black and yellow keke na pepSMXLL

After that sad experience, I didn’t know if to feel sad, angry, irritated or stressed. So I called Dayo to vent.
Me: Hey, you can’t imagine the kind of day I’ve had today
Dayo: What happened baby?
Me: Within one day I have gone to Ajegunle, taken Keke, and on top of that my Dad has seized my car so I basically have to sort myself out.
Dayo: Wow! That’s deep… hmm do you want to come pick you up? We could come to mine and smoke, drink, talk, whatever you want.
I knew this was a bad idea, because when a boy tells you come to their house, it’s only to do one thing and that thing is definitely not talking if you know what I mean. But I really needed to cool off so I was down for whatever at this point.
See in my next post xxx

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