Sugar Daddy Episode 3- Troublemaker

Hmm Femi Femi, do not worry, you will soon know all about him.  I would like to think that he is one of the biggest mistakes in my life so I just try to supress the thought of him but he just keeps coming up.
Anyway tonight was the night! All my friends were finally back from England and we were all ready to turn up and I was not about to let anyone dull my night, so I packed my things and I was off to my Auntie’s house.
Just as I was about to make my hasty escape from the house, my Dad stopped me.
Dad: And just were do you think you are off to young lady?
Me: I have already told mummy, I am going to stay in Aunty Kofo’s house
Dad: To do what there?
Me: To be close to work and to also help her, you know she is pregnant
Dad: Aunty Kofo has a maid and today is Friday, if you want to be near to work go on Sunday and be coming back on the Weekends.
Wow, he just loves messing me up, does he actually think I am a child? I know I am a girl and he is just trying to protect me but this is so unnecessary.
Me: Daddy since I have been back I have done nothing but work and now that I just want to go to my auntie’s house it’s a problem?
Dad: I have warned you about talking back to me, I don’t know why you choose too be so stubborn when you know it is only going to annoy me more, now go back to your room and drop your bags, you are not going anywhere and if I get back home and I don’t find you, you will see what I would do to you.
I hate threats I hate them so much, and to be honest I was in the mood to go out and I was not going to let anybody ruin my night, I would rather face the music afterwards. So immediately he left I got my bags again, waited like 10 minutes and then zoomed off.
I dropped my things at Aunty Kofo’s house and I was off to Maison Fahrenheit, a lovely place in Victoria Island where my friend Chidera was staying for the weekend. She invited a few of our friends from England and a few of her own guy friends from Lagos because she has been here a while longer than us, so she was basically introducing us to the ‘Lagos Lifestyle’. I hear she is now a High-class ‘runz babe’…Lol so it goes without saying that she got this all expense paid getaway from one of her Sugar daddies, oh and yes there is a difference. A high-class ‘runz babe’ only dates RICH OLD MEN. So I just hope the place is not filled with all her old men.
When I got to Maison all my friends where already there: Chidera off course, Feyi, Tayo and Folu. I had missed them so much and I could not have been happier to see them, but I was so distracted by the tall, dark chocolate that came in with Chidera’s friend Jamal to even notice them. Wow Chidera really came correct today! Now I feel bad for doubting her, anyway at least this should take my mind off that that bastard called Femi.
* He walks up to me *
Dayo: Hello, I’m Dayo
Me: Tolani, nice to meet you
Dayo: By the way I love your outfit
I was literally dancing in my head when I heard that because I put so much effort into this particular outfit, I wanted to be noticed by force and I was. But off course I had to compose in front of him.
Black lace trim mini dressSMLXL


Me: Haha thank you
Jamal: Hey guys why don’t we go down for some drinks then we can step out from there.
That’s just like Jamal to interrupt my attempt at flirting; anyway I’m going to need some drinks in me to survive tonight.
So we all went to the bar downstairs and off course Dayo came to sit right next to me. I am so sure the other girls were jealous of all the attention I was getting tonight, but I could not care less.
Dayo: So what kind of drinks do you like?
Me: I’m more of a Cocktail kind of girl.  I love their Strawberry Mojito, that’s what I’m going to get
Dayo: I hear that’s nice, but that’s too girly for me
Me: Haha yeah yeah
Feyi: My lord! Tolani you have not said a word to us since this dude stepped in, is he the only one here?
Me: Haha no need to sound bitter love, I’m sorry how are you?
Feyi: Hmm, I’m fine ohh, I’m so happy my dad is not around now I can spread my wings and fly.
Feyi was abused, and is being abused by her dad, physically, even sexually, but that was just once, if that is any consolation. That is the main reason why her mum sent her abroad. But now that she is done with University, she almost has no excuse.
Me: I know my situation cannot be compared to yours but my darling, I feel you. My Dad is just…
Jamal: I don’t mean to interrupt but if you guys are planning to fly anywhere this night we better get going.
Lool…he did it again! Never mind I am already used to him. So they charged the bill to Chidera’s Sugar daddy’s tab and we were off. The other girls went in Jamal’s car and off course I went with Dayo.
We started off by going to Sip then we made our way to a club near my auntie’s house called 57, one thing about Lagos is, if you don’t know people, you are not going anywhere. But as a regular customer, Jamal already knew the bouncers so got in very quickly. Once we got in to the first club they were already playing my jam, Bobo by Olamide,

What a nice way to kick off the night. I loved it the drinks were flowing the DJ was on point and I was grinding on Dayo all night but it was getting really late so we had to leave.
Dayo dropped me off in my auntie’s house and I am sure you can guess who was waiting there for me…My Father off course, he couldn’t even wait till I got home.
I am in so much trouble Oh dear Lord, Help!
See you in my next post xxx


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