Love Yours

I’m not going to sit here, and pretend that I always put myself first, because I most certainly don’t. I’m writing this post and all I can think of is a few comments that Liz Murray made during her speech when she came to UB. She explained to us how she was able to get off her feet and start something as soon as someone made her feel like she didn’t need to be fixed, rather she needed to be pushed. Because there’s really a difference and people don’t realize this, and people get offended.


Life is really like a maze, you have to play your way out and think critically about every move you make.
You may look at someone and feel like you understand them but things gets very deep, It goes beyond laughing and joking, having fun what i mean is that everyone has a story, a story that they obviously don’t like to talk about, so many people mask themselves and try to suppress the thing that makes you weak. I feel like people would use your weakness against you once you show them. Yes i guess you can just say capitalism has taken over in many ways. Have you felt confused, or weak because of something you try to forget ?
What makes or breaks you? Do you feel insecure? These are questions you must ask yourself and get to the root of it so that your clear in your mind.




The story behind that actually hits me every time, when my ex always felt like he needed me to change for the better, he thought that I wasn’t very bright and I never thought out the box. I could tell he wanted the best for me and he didn’t mean to actually put me down but obviously he went about it all the wrong ways so I always felt iffy about myself.
Here’s the thing, NEVER EVER doubt yourself, or never let someone make you think there’s something wrong with you. Truth is we all have potential and we just have to push ourselves if everyone else around you won’t, its really not their responsibility ever.
But because I never knew myself, and loved myself and I was searching for someone to love me, I was thrown off. I wasn’t completely happy. My point is to love you and be satisfied with yourself.Learn to love your worst trait and your worse flaw.
You know another thing I thought about? I bet if you did a survey on healthy relationships you be able to find out that; most healthy relationships consists on mature and self-confident people. I don’t know if this makes sense to you guys. I’m pretty sure I’m right tho.

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