Layo’s Thoughts: Full disclosure or nah? 

My dilemma with meeting new people who are essentially strangers when it comes to dating or even friendships is that in general people don’t tend to offer up bad information about themselves and even if they do sometimes you don’t just know what to do with it. So how do you know who people really are? It’s not so bad when it comes to friendships because obviously you can’t tell all your friends everything except you’re just an open book, which I actually don’t think is completely advisable.
But when it comes to relationships, the truth is in the in the beginning everybody wants to put their best foot forward so if a woman has a child for instance, she’s not going to start the conversation on a first date with that, but I also think timing is key when it comes to things like this, don’t tell someone something like that when you know there’s nothing they can do about it. I’ve even heard so many stories where the woman wouldn’t know her husband has a whole family outside until he dies and there are looking for their own share of the inheritance, which I think is just brutal, this is this kind of thing that turns people into crazy psychos.
On the flip side though, I guess we can’t know everything, and sometimes it’s that mystery that attracts us.  So is ignorance really bliss? For me I think in some cases it truly is but in this life you have to be sharp, if not I’m sorry for you ohh! For instance if he treated the girls before you like crap, it doesn’t mean he’ll do the same to you but it’s good to keep it in mind because it’s easy to think you’re different or he has changed for you trust me, been there done that, but sometimes history does repeat itself. Some guys even have some standard lines that they tell to every single girl like it’s some sales pitch from the Wolf of Wall Street.
Don’t get me wrong females can also be ruthless, everybody’s playing games these days to be honest. I heard this story once of a guy who got invited to his girlfriend’s wedding and when she got caught red handed do you know this girl acted like she didn’t know him? She said something along the lines of it must be my long lost twin you’re looking for. So I think its best not to underestimate anyone in this life because you will be very surprised what people are capable of. I was reading Atoke’s Monday Banter and she said all we want is to meet an unencumbered, STI-Free, intelligent, straight young man. Is that too much to ask? But really is that too much? And it’s really unsafe the way we are living these days because you don’t know what the next person is hiding and nobody wants to be that crazy boyfriend/girlfriend that will be checking up on you every 5 minutes. That’s why I believe honesty and communication are the keys to a successful relationship. Timing is always essential but generally whatever directly affects your partner, he/she should have the right to know. But that’s just me, I really wonder, what do you guys think?

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