Personality without Pause.

I have a series of personalities with different crowds; I can be very goofy, very serious or very professional. It all depends on the situation and the scenario I’m in. I’m often misunderstood, but who isn’t?

If you feel, as though you need to find yourself, think about it this way.
Why would you find yourself? Is there anyone who knows you more than you do?
The answer is NO, people will try to make you think that they know you more than you know yourself, but the truth is no one completely even understands himself or herself so how can they understand another person? I think that everyone automatically knows himself or herself, you just have to be sure, once your sure then you can understand how fashion plays a role in personality.
You’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Pretty much Fashion comes with a sense of your personality, For example the BOHO look is inspired by the hippie subculture look. Do you see how hippies dress?  They wear a lot of bright colors, tie dye, natural elements like flower crowns. Or just headbands, they believe in peace and love always and they tend to surround themselves with people of the same culture.
Another example is the Gothic look, have you ever wondered why that is a thing?
Gothic fashion is a clothing style marked by conspicuously dark, mysterious, exotic, and complex features. Members of the Goth subculture wear it. A dark sometimes-morbid fashion and style of dress. A typical gothic fashion includes a pale complexion with colored black hair, black lips and black clothes. People who go gothic have a story behind it, if you watch One tree Hill, then you know Peyton? in one of seasons, she transformed to being gothic at a point when she lost a family member, so you see I cant exactly say what it is, that’s why its mysterious and exotic, but it can vary from a bad trauma time or even struggles in life. Expressing their personality every time they dress has become a subculture. Which is pretty much what fashion is, be comfortable and dress according to whom you are, there’s a lot to learn about fashion and personalities, it’s really deep. If you want me to make a post just on this topic please comment below.
 It’s very important that you understand who you are and be that person without any interruptions.
Personality without Pause.

My outfit was inspired by my classic personality; whenever I don’t know what to wear to my internship I would always look very classic. Looking decent amongst women during summer time is very rare especially in NYC because it is really hot, so it’s understandable to a point.
When I dress to go out, I think about the opportunities I may come across and how I want to look when I’m given an opportunity to meet important people because I myself will want to be important in the near future.
Tan pleated skirt: Forever21
Gold &black belt: Forever21
Gold bracelet: Forever 21
Lace White Shirt: The Addison story
Gold Ring: Macy’s, Material Girl
Sun Glasses: EBay
Purse : Monk Thrift shop
^ Go unto my “Get the look” page for a link to a similar look.

A friend told me that my outfit looks “churchy”
Although I high doubt that I would dress like this to church,
What do you all think about this look? Please comment below. xx

  I completely love these shoes, I purchased them about a year ago from SteveMadden and they pretty much bring a distinctive exotic look to any outfit even if its plain, This is why I LOVE shoes.
Gold & Black Steve Madden

Photography by MrIgwe.