Its Vegas Baby…

In continuation of my old site I give you all a very warm welcome to My Diaries. Those of you that have found yourself here for the very first and those of you who are coming back I appreciate you all.

So I decided that I wanted my first post to be about my trip to Miami & Vegas this summer. I don’t have many pictures but I do have something’s I can tell you to prepare for when planning a to go on any of these places for a vacation, and what to look out for when you’re on a budget, Things like that. So first I went to Miami and the feel was completely different, it was almost like I was in Nigeria with the palm trees and all, one thing to definitely prepare for is the humid wet weather. I got into the hotel and the floor of the lobby was just wet, yea so make sure you’re not wearing full clothes cause its always a bikini weather in Miami. We went down ocean drive and south beach. That’s where they had all the good food, but be prepared to spend at least $30 on a full meal and a drink, spending $30 every meal is not ideal for me so me and the lads shared food and also improvised when we could. If you do have that money definitely try every restaurant you can!! because I will lol.

Then I had to leave Miami and travel to Vegas, which was all very scary for me btw with the hurricane in Florida happening, lets pray for them o. I got to Vegas and it was like a whole different world, like all the streets are full of amazing lights, buildings even poster boards were extremely creative. just the few days I spent in Miami was like I was just cool, I know that sounds corny but that’s exactly the words. We had our own little 7/11 at the hotel and tried different types of food which was also very expensive. Like a burger was $10 and that’s just the sandwich, the only things that make me appreciate NYC sometimes but it will be very nice to live in Vegas tho just saying.

Anyway overall both trips were a nice experience really needed after a tough semester and summer. When you go on your trip be sure not eat the Chinese food on the strip, NASTY!! and complete waste of my money. Also learning Spanish would make like much easier.

Lovvve Ya, see you in my next post.


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